Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: Dapper Socks for Active Men!

Mixed in with the very practical sock knitting tips and techniques in Weldon’s monthly newsletters, you will find some charming Victorian recommendations for wearing and using handknitted socks. One of my favorites comes in Weldon’s Practical Stocking Knitter, 5th & 6th Series, which comes with the delightful subtitle: “How to Knit Gents’ Cycling and Golf Hosiery.”

This ebook contains patterns for men’s and boys’ socks, designed for wearing while riding bikes and playing golf. These are knee-high stockings with calf shaping and highly decorative cuff treatments—just look at the intarsia Union Jack on the cuff of the Club Stocking, and the two-color entrelac cuff on the cabled Cycling Stocking. These socks were worked in fingering-weight wool and surely made lovely, warm, breathable, and sweat-resistant sporting socks. But more than just functional, they are quite distinguished and handsome!

Practical Sock Knitting: Socks for Men

I just love these fancy men’s socks, and I know some men who would happily flaunt dapper stockings as they ride their bikes around town. The Rob Roy Tartan stockings are my favorite; the text describes them as follows: “A handsome stocking in Rob Roy Tartan is shown in the accompanying engraving; our example is knitted in true Scotch style in three colors, viz., black, bright military red, and a mottled wool composed of red and black ply twisted together.”

Well, that sounds fabulous!

What do you think, can we bring back the cycling stocking? If so, download your copy of Weldon’s Practical Stocking Knitter, 5th & 6th Series, and get knitting!

Tennis, anyone?

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