Charts and Illustrations 2017

PieceWork January/February 2017

Skaite-Maria: The Red and Black Mittens, page 15
Erna Jansons’s No. 51 Mitten Pattern, page 22
Lithuania-Inspired Floral and Entrelac Mittens, page 30
Portuguese Socks from Derra D’Ossa, page 33
Power of Ten Socks, page 39
The Tam O’Shanter, page 55

PieceWork March/April 2017

Inspirations from the Past Scarf, page 22
Santa Fe Turquoise Trail Scarf to Knit, page 31

PieceWork May/June 2017
Mehndi-Inspired Wedding Mitts, page 29
Trousseau Silk Stockings, page 33
Very Berry Scarf, page 53
Valentina’s Polushawl, page 57

PieceWork July/August 2017
A Norwegian Barnelue to Knit, page 58
Aire’s Gloves to Knit, page 22

PieceWork September/October 2017
A Berlin Work Reindeer Ornament to Stitch
Golden Flower Shawl to Knit
Jane Alice Kimono Shawl to Crochet

PieceWork November/December 2017
Ulla’s Scarf to Knit by Nancy Bush
Fun and Fancy Tea Cozy to Knit by Carol Huebscher Rhoades
Gauntlet Gloves to Knit and Embroider by Vicki Square
A Tam O’Shanter to Knit by Barbara Smith

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