Celebrate Winter with the Ice Festival Hat and Mittens


The Ice Festival Hat and Mitten. Photos by Joe Coca.

We almost had our first snow last week in Fort Collins. Unusually, it was just rain. Having no snow this late is pretty rare. Typically, the first snow falls in late October, although it has snowed here as early as mid-September. But I know it won’t be long (and for the skiers, there’s already snow in the high country!).

I really do like winter. I like bundling up, especially if I have a swell pair of mittens and a fabulous stocking cap. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with our newest PieceWork kit–Eileen Lee’s knitted Ice Festival Hat and Mittens.

Eileen’s companion article for her hat and mittens project in the November/December 2015 issue of PieceWork explored various ice festivals held around the world–from China to Alaska. What fun! Snow, ice, and cozy hats and mittens–my idea of the perfect combination.

In her introduction to the project, Eileen wrote: “When I envision ice sculptures, I see pale blue and white. These shades represent cold, ice, frost, and snow. What should I wear to keep warm while attending these cold celebrations? A pair of warm mittens and a hat, of course! The hat is a delightful stocking hat. The 3-inch (7.6-cm) two-color corrugated rib is surrounded by two Latvian braids. The beautiful Snowflake pattern is knitted using the stranded technique. The top of the hat gradually decreases to a point using blue seam stitches, and then it’s topped with a tassel. The mittens replicate the Snowflake pattern.”

So get your snowflake on, celebrate winter, and enjoy knitting your own Ice Festival Hat and Mittens!