Celebrate Fall with These Knit Stocking Patterns


Llangollen Stripe Turnover and Ribbed Leg (Llangollen is a small town in Wales).

Although we’ve been having 90-degree days here in Fort Collins, Colorado, I recently awoke to a lovely cool, crisp 54 degrees. Fall is definitely in the air. And fall means I can start wearing my amazing (and actually rather enormous) collection of socks! Putting on a pair of handknitted socks is just the best.


Lightning pattern for a stocking top.

If you are like me and believe that one can’t have too many pairs of socks, do check out our latest installment of Weldon’s Practical Stocking Knitter, originally published in Victorian England. This new eBook includes the material from the Fifth and Sixth Series. The Fifth Series features fifteen patterns (seven for complete stockings and eight for stocking tops); the Sixth Series has seventeen (nine for complete stockings and eight for stocking tops). Weldon’s deemed these “stockings for cycling and golf,” but these striking patterns aren’t just for that. Here are just a few of my favorites (and ones I would without question wear to work!):

  • Boy’s Stocking with Moonbeam Turnover and Ribbed Leg
  • Old Star Pattern for a stocking top
  • A stocking with Xs and Os in the turnover top (how romantic!)
  • The gorgeous Club Stocking with the Union Jack Emblazoned in Red, White, and Blue, on the Front of the Turnover.

As the title implies, there are previous series. The material from the first four series is also available in two PieceWork eBooks: Weldon’s Practical Stocking Knitter First & Second Series and Weldon’s Practical Stocking Knitter Third & Fourth Series. The First Series includes a complete tutorial on how to knit stockings, along with “every known variety of heel and toe. . . .” Those Victorians!

Welcome fall and celebrate socks–I’m celebrating first with Moonbeam!