Big Embroidery: Go Big with Nancy Nicholson’s New Book

Queen of modern folk embroidery, Nancy Nicholson has created a brand new collection of hand-embroidery designs for her new book, Big Embroidery.

Inspired by crewel embroidery, which is traditionally done using tapestry thread, Nancy shows how to use yarn to get beautiful results that stitch up super fast and create gorgeous projects in half the time!

Choose from home décor items and accessories, including cushions and bags, and learn how to transform items of clothing with some simple stitching to give them a luxurious new look.

You can try big embroidery for yourself with this quick hanging decoration project designed by Nancy to accompany her book.

Big Embroidery

Make this free pattern, a fish to stitch, from Nancy Nicholson’s new book Big Embroidery.

A Fish to Stitch

Felt approximately ¼ inch thick
Oddments of knitting or tapestry yarn
String for hanging loop

Finished size: 4 inches (10.2 cm) x 3 inches (7.6 cm)

Making Up
1. Make a copy of the fish template (see below) and use to cut out one fish from thick felt.
2. Use a heat-erasable pen to mark out the embroidery design onto one side of the felt following the lines in the Embroidery Suggestions.
3. Using knitting or tapestry yarn in colors of your choice, embroider the design following the Embroidery Suggestions, working through the surface of the felt only. Keep your needle as horizontal as possible to make sure that none of your stitches show through on the reverse of the felt.
4. Once complete, use a damp cloth to press the finished embroidery to remove the pen markings.
5. Attach a length of string at the top center point of the decoration for hanging.

Note: If you’re using standard felt cut three pieces from the template and trim one piece by ⅛ inch (.3 cm). Embroider the front and back pieces of felt, sandwich the trimmed piece in between and oversew the edges with a contrasting thread.

Big Embroidery

Embroider your design using the stitch suggestions displayed here.

You will find 20 more projects like this in Big Embroidery, get your copy and start stitching today.

—Sarah Callard

Sarah Callard is with F+W Media International Ltd.

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Featured Image: Stitch up these colorful home accessories with Nancy Nicholson’s new book Big Embroidery. Photos by Jason Jenkins.

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