A Bewitching Victorian Cross-Stitch: The Magic Slipper Pattern

Happy Halloween, dear readers! In honor of this annual holiday populated by witches, ghouls, goblins, and spirits from beyond the grave, we offer up a vintage project to bewitch your needle and thread. Stitch this Victorian cross-stitch pattern from the pages of Ladies’ Needlework, Knitting Tales and Poetry: A Melange of Instructions and Amusement.

Sure to enchant and amuse you, “The Magic Slipper Pattern” features a dancer, monkey, dog, and horse surrounding a central witch figure. Here’s the pattern just as it was published in 1849 with neither corrections nor alterations.

Victorian Cross-Stitch

The Magic Slipper Pattern.



  • To be worked in cross-stitch, on fine canvass, in the colours as under.
  • Centre figure of the Witch in dark lilac, on an amber ground.
  • Side, top, and bottom figures—Dancer, monkey, dog, and horse, in scarlet upon a bright blue ground.
  • The other four figures in the blue, with the scarlet for the grounding.
  • Outlines of the divisions in white silk.
  • For the shape of the shoe it is better to get the pattern from the shoemaker, and draw it on the canvass; in doing so take care to keep the thread of the canvass straight up the front, or your pattern will be crooked. Ground the front in dark marone, and from each side of the front at the top work a curved line down, as partially shown in the pattern, and beyond that for the heel work the little pattern in the illustration. This may seem too simple, but it is chosen to suit the magic pattern, and should be thus worked: Outline in amber, small divisions in white, the squares in scarlet upon the blue ground, and blue upon the scarlet ground alternately.
Victorian Cross-stitch

Ladies’ Needlework, Knitting Tales and Poetry: A Melange of Instructions and Amusement eBook.

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Happy Halloween!
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