Are You a Collector? Meet Loene McIntyre!

For many, collecting goes beyond a hobby and becomes a lifelong passion. For those of us who work on and read PieceWork, we are so very lucky to have a collector extraordinaire in our midst. Loene McIntyre became a collector of antique needlework tools in the 1980s, and she’s still going strong. And she is so very generous—many projects and features in PieceWork are graced with photographs of items from her collection.

I’m so pleased to announce even better news! Linda Ligon, Interweave’s founder and creative director, was able to spend some time with Loene recently discussing a variety of the tools in Loene’s collection—and we filmed it!

If you collect or if you just love needlework tools, you will want to check out these videos. There are 4; in each, Linda and Loene examine and discuss various tools. Loene’s passion shines and each object is an exquisite reminder of needlework’s glorious past. You’ll find her stories about how and why she collected certain tools captivating.

Loene McIntyre

A Penobscot basket and miniature ebony and cowhide knitting needle guards circa 1840–1870 from Loene McIntyre’s collection grace the cover of the September/October 2002 issue of PieceWork. Photo by Joe Coca.

In Antique Needles with Loene McIntyre, Loene guides you through the fascinating history of this seemingly humble tool. The humble pin takes center stage in Antique Sewing Pins. Without thread, most tools would be just objects; learn the history of this essential element in Antique Sewing Thread and Bobbins. And you’ll be amazed by the variety of objects, including some lesser known tools such as bodkins and stilettos, that Loene shares in A Potpourri of Odd Sewing Tools.

The videos will make a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

Hats off to collecting and collectors. And thank you, Loene for sharing your treasures with us.

—Jeane Hutchins

Posted November 18, 2014. Updated September 28, 2017. Featured Image: Silver hem gauge, steel crochet hook, and pin tablet with glass-headed pins from Loene McIntyre’s collection shown with “A Lace Edging to Macramé” in the July/August 2002 issue of PieceWork. Photo by Joe Coca.

For more of Loene and her fascinating collection:

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