An Ode to Embroidery

counted thread embroidery pillow

Counted-thread embroidery is used to create Ann Caswell’s elegant Morris Impressions pillow. Photo by Joe Coca.

Embroidery has always fascinated me. Whether it be bead embellishments on a cardigan or fancy stitching on a tablecloth, the attention that goes into each and every detail of an embroidered piece, no matter if it’s an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry, is personally mind-boggling and awe-inspiring…especially since I can’t knit or needlepoint to save my life!

For me, embroidery is synonymous with not only elegance, but also artistry. Essentially, you’re illustrating beautiful images and delicate designs with your needle and thread. As someone who dabbles in painting, I truly have a respect for those who not only create pretty pictures, but also those who go the extra mile to create pretty pictures on textiles!

To me, the only thing that’s more fascinating than the intricacy of embroidery is its diversity. The ability to create so many different things with the technique–or, the ability to add such graceful touches to a variety of projects–is what makes embroidery so very special. On top of that, there are so many varying embroidery techniques to explore! It opens up a whole world of opportunity to create something beautiful.

We explore this diversity in our latest eBook, Elegant Embroidery. There are five very, very different projects to create–from cufflinks to a bead embroidered eyeglass case to a stunning decorative butterfly. Each project varies in difficulty, so you’re free to challenge yourself or take it slow as you see fit. In addition, we spotlight various techniques such as needlepoint, bead embroidery, and counted thread to ensure you’re not limited to just one single method.

Get out your artistry tools and explore all that embroidery has to offer! And, be sure to tell us about your favorite embroidery techniques or projects in the comments. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey!