A World in Pictures

They say a picture tells a thousand stories, and in the March/April issue of PieceWork, you'll discover some amazing pictures and the stories they tell.

Susan Strawn's Dancing Couples Cardigan. Photo by Joe Coca.

Knitting historian Susan Strawn relates the story of receiving a baby sweater that had been knitted in the 1940s by the mother of an American woman living in Denmark. This is the starting point of the narrative of an extraordinary woman, a story that goes beyond her life as a knitter. It starts with a classic Nordic knitting motif, the Dancing Couples. This is just one family's story, but Susan artfully uses the popular motif as a touch-point for exploring its wide use, which reaches out to a thousand other stories over time and place.

But this is just one story and one picture. We've also included a stunning whitework christening gown with a lifeboat as the central image. A lifeboat? Yes, indeed, and what stories that picture tells! And, Donna Druchunas explains the history of the ubiquitous snowflake rose motif found in many European knitting traditions, and Nancy Nehring presents the history of filet crochet which allowed pictorial representation in crochet.

Detail of the lifeboat motif on the Arbroath christening gown. Photo by Susan McBain.

One of the aspects of this issue that really excites me is the number of techniques that are represented. In addition to several knitting techniques (including instructions for PieceWork’s 2012 pincushion contest winner's design), crochet, and whitework, we've included or nué and stumpwork along with projects to make for each.

Filled with history, personal stories, and stunning projects to make, you won't want to miss this issue of PieceWork—or any issue. Subscribe today.