A Care-Free Polaris Puppy

polaris puppy knitting traditions

A puppy that needs no food, vet trips, or pooper scoopers!

People generally figure out how much I love animals within 10 minutes of conversation. Maybe it’s the cat hair on my clothes; maybe it’s the collection of needle-felted animals in my office; maybe it’s my insistence that coworkers stand at my computer to watch online animal videos. Furry critters enrich my life. But the only real animals in my household are feline Americans, because others, like dogs, require too much care. So I sigh over pictures of my favorite breeds—corgis, Labradors, and huskies—knowing that I should only look and not adopt. Laziness isn’t a good attribute for a pet guardian.

If you’re in the same boat as I am, Kathy Augustine has solved your problem. She designed a fabulous knitted “Polaris puppy” for Knitting Traditions Spring 2015; and it’s available now as a kit! The magazine says her puppy “will be a hit with children of all ages.” That includes adult children, obviously.

polaris puppy knitting traditionsAt 8 inches tall by 7 inches long, this little guy can go everywhere with you. He’ll never leave surprises in your pocket or under your desk. You’ll have a devoted friend on 24-hour standby. Make half a dozen, and you’ll have your own Iditarod team. (The kit will include Knitting Traditions and enough yarn for multiple puppies. Sled not included.) Best of all, a stuffed puppy needs no care at all—no food, water, bedding, shots, walks, etc. You won’t have to carry around little baggies for treats or droppings. It will get plenty of hugs, though.

Sled dogs have served humans well for thousands of years. They made Arctic life possible for indigenous peoples. They also made Arctic and Antarctic exploration feasible, especially for the famed Ronne Expedition of 1947–1948—don’t miss the archival photo of Jackie and Finn Ronne with a puppy in Knitting Traditions (p. 30), or the sledge model (p. 32) you can replicate for your own knitted dogs. Make one for all the children you know, no matter how old they are. What better tribute can we offer to these fluffy wonder-dogs than knitted portable replicas?