A Button Cover to Embroider

A Button Cover to Embroider

Design Adapted by Susan Strawn Bailey

a bright flower button cover while you sample five classic embroidery
stitches with silk thread on linen. One of the individual plain-sewing
samplers from Deborah Dwyer’s collection served as our inspiration.

  • Kreinik 100%
    silk thread, 1 spool each of Soie Gobelin (10 m/11 yd) #2125
    (darker green), #2123 (lighter green), Noir (black), and
    1 spool of Ping Ling (7.3 m/8 yd) #520 (Poppy)
  • Zweigart
    36-count linen fabric
  • Embroidery
    hoop, 5 inches (12.7 cm) in diameter
  • Needles,
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil, soft
  • Button kit,
    metal, size 45 or 1 1/8-inch (2.9-cm) diameter
InstructionsTape pattern to a window or light
box and trace with pencil onto tracing paper. Turn tracing
paper over, and carefully retrace the pattern lines on the
back of the tracing paper. Place tracing paper right side
up on fabric and press with a medium iron to transfer pattern
onto fabric. With design centered, tighten the fabric in the
embroidery hoop.
Stitch flower petals and buds with
buttonhole stitch using three plies of 520.
Using satin stitch, work one half
of each large leaf with one ply of 2123 and the other half
with one ply of 2125.
Stitch outline of smaller leaves with
lazy daisy stitch using one ply of 2123 above large flower
and one ply 2125 at base of stems. Fill in leaves with satin
stitch using one ply of 2125 or one ply of black.

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Stitch stems and base of buds
with stem stitch using one ply of 2125.

Stitch individual French knots alternating
one ply of 2123 with one ply of black at the center of the
large flower and the tops of the flower buds.

To assemble, follow instructions on
button kit.

About the Designer.
Susan Strawn Bailey writes, illustrates, and styles
photos for PIECEWORK and other Interweave

Embroidery pattern
French knot Buttonhole stitch
Stem stitch Lazy daisy stitch