Vintage Crochet for Dolls

Clockwise from top left: [01] Dolly Rose, Dolly Miriam, Kitty Tyrrell, and Sailor Girl

Clockwise from top left: Dolly Rose, Dolly Miriam, Kitty Tyrrell, and Sailor Girl

Do you love vintage patterns? If you are a frequent PieceWork reader, you surely will be familiar with the name Weldon’s. Weldon’s, a paper pattern producer of the Victorian era, began to publish monthly newsletters devoted to various crafts (beading, knitting, crochet, patchwork, and the like). These newsletters were typically 14 pages and cost 2 pence. Later, they were collected into book form, titled Weldon’s Practical Needlework. PieceWork has reproduced for you the crochet material from the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th Series into a handy eBook (neither alterations nor corrections were made to the originals published in 1894 and 1895). This electronic pattern book opens a window on another time and another place.

Of the 78 patterns included in this eBook, my personal favorites are from the 21st series—I just adore the doll clothing! It is amazing the detail these doll clothes contain. Dolly Rose features crocheted undergarments, drawers, and petticoat, complete with a ribbon sash. Dolly Miriam’s fashionable hat and dress are worked in electric blue Berlin wool—I only wish the engravings were in color. The doll dressed as Kitty Tyrrell sports a stunning ensemble, made with simple crochet stitches, and will delight any child. Last but not least, the Sailor Girl’s jaunty combination outfit consists of a skirt, a jersey, and a bonnet.

These sweet vintage crochet patterns for dolls are just the beginning. Each series in this set serves as a curiosity, an inspiration, a resource, and a link to a time beyond our memories. The 78 projects range from simple to elaborate and include these charming doll garments, crochet edgings, adult and children’s clothes, plus many more patterns to keep your crochet hook amused and intrigued.

Happy stitching!