Yumiko Alexander’s Free DanDoh Scarf Pattern for Japan, Plus a Knitted Kimono Kit Giveaway!

Knitting Daily TV is chock-full of well-known knitting and crochet designers, and series 600 is no exception. On episode 605 designer Yumiko Alexander shares with Shay Pendray her experience designing garments in knit and crochet for her first book with Universal Yarn: Yumiko Warm Earth. To see the full collection of patterns in the book and to see other patterns designed by Yumiko Alexander, visit www.universalyarn.com

Watch the video:


And here's Yumiko with more about her designing, in particular designing a beautiful scarf pattern to help those in her native Japan:  

I am Japanese.  When I moved to the US in 1997 my English was limited and everything was very new for me. But I have been always myself because of my knitting. Knitting is a way to communicate with people and my designs express myself without talking. Knitting has made my life in the US very beautiful. 

In Japan, I designed and sold my original knitted and crocheted garments.  After I moved to the US, I started to write my patterns. Support for my development as a fiber artist has come from many sources. Important among them is Tempe Yarn and Fiber,  a local yarn shop in Tempe, AZ, and Universal Yarn, for which I am a designer, and for whom I published my first book in 2010: Universal Yarn Book 1: Warm Earth Book 1.

With the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last month I became very sad and worried. I was just watching the news and thought that I could not do anything for those so far away in Japan.  But my knitting friends said: "Let's start a charity knitting project for Japan" and they started knitting hats right away. Then I thought: "I can do something for Japan as a designer," and so I created an easy scarf pattern in Wisdom Yarns Poems Silk  for the project, called the DanDoh Scarf – Knitted Hug for Japan (pictured right).  Now I feel much better and positive.  While making the scarves, the knitters will think of the Japanese people, and those who wear the scarves will think of the people who made them.

Download the free pattern for Yumiko's DanDoh Scarf – Knitted Hug for Japan  from the Universal Yarn website!

Celebrate Japan! Free Kimono Kit Giveaway:

Celebrate Yumiko's heritage and knit one of her Japan-inspired designs. Universal Yarn is giving away two kits to make the Kyoto kimono from her book Universal Yarn Book 1: Yumiko Warm Earth. Simply leave a comment on this blog to enter the giveaway. We'll randomly select two winners at noon MST, Wednesday, May 4th.

Tell us what you've done to aid Japan after the earthquake and tsunami, have you knitted anything with Japan in mind? Share with other knitters your stories of Japanese-inspired designs, what have you knitted that embodies the cultures and fashions of Japan? Let us know if you've ever traveled to Japan, and if the culture or Japanese lifestyle inspired your knitwear in any way.

If you haven't already donated to relief efforts in Japan, it's not too late. Please share your good fortune with those devastated by the earthquake and tsunami by visiting reputable donation sites. And take a moment out of your day to celebrate the wonderful people and cultures of Japan.

This blog was proudly sponsored by Universal Yarns. For more information on Yumiko Alexander's designs and publications, and Universal Yarn's products, please visit their website.


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