You’ve Been Gifted! A Free Pattern from Mags Kandis

The following quote from Mags Kandis (from the introduction to her new book, Gifted) encompasses so much of what knitting (and working on other crafts) means to me:

"I love making stuff, and one of my greatest joys as a knitter and crocheter is to make special stuff for friends and family. I admit to a few late nights and more than one last-minute frenzies button-attaching session over the year. Bur ultimately, the expression of delight on the face of the 'gifted' always makes it worth the effort."

Wrist Rest from Gifted by Mags Kandis

I'm a "process" knitter, and while I love finished objects as much as the next gal, I enjoy the journey of knitting and creating even more. And giving those creations as gifts is the icing on the cake. I know I cherish handmade gifts, and the people I give them to are so very grateful and gracious. It's so gratifying.

Mags Kandis is über-creative, and Gifted is an amazing collection of her distinct, joyous design style. When I was browsing the book looking for a pattern to share with you, I came upon the Wrist Rest, which is something anyone who spends a little time on the computer will want to receive! I think I'll make one for my friend Molly and one for myself, too.

Wrist Rest
Finished Size: About 4½" (11.5 cm) wide and 6½" long

Fabric: Piece of fabric from lightweight sweater that has been lightly felted or fabric rescued from a well-loved T-shirt or sweatshirt, cut to measure 8" (20.5 cm) wide and 12" (30.5 cm) long; remnant of green felt or felted sweater fabric for leaf accent, cut to measure 2" (5 cm) wide and 4" (10 cm) long.

Notions: Sharp-point sewing needle and matching thread; lightweight paper for wrist-rest template card stock for leaf template; card stock for leaf template; pencil or washable marker to trace templates; sharp scissors; straight pens; embroidery needle and six-strand cotton embroidery floss to match green felt; about 250 grams (9 ounces) of whole flax seed.

Notes: To help fill the pouch with seeds, insert the small end of a funnel or paper cone into the opening and pour the seeds into the wide end. For maximum comfort, do not appliqué anything exactly where your wrist will rest.

Making the Wrist Rest
Fold the fabric in half with RS facing together. Trace the wrist-rest template onto lightweight paper, cut out, and place the pattern on the folded fabric. Cut shape through both layers of fabric.

With RS together, sew around the edge of the shape by hand or machine, allowing a ½-inch seam allowance and leaving a 1½-inch opening for filling opening for filling with seeds. Press. Trim seam and clip curves, being careful not to cut through stitching. Turn the pouch right-side out.

Fill with flax seeds then handstitch the opening securely closed.

Trace the leaf template onto green felt and cut out. Pin leaf as desired onto wrist rest. With cotton embroidery floss and embroidery needle, sew the leaf in place as shown, using a backstitch for the center of the leaf and adding straight stitches for stem and veins.

Cute, huh? I hope you make one of these, or one of the other gifties in Gifted!


P.S. For more about Gifted, including an introduction to Mags and instructions for making some amazing bangles, check out the video below!

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