Your Top 5 Favorite Projects from Interweave Knits Gifts 2018

Knitted gifts astound me. I’m so curious as to how people decide which projects they are going to knit for someone else. How much time do people invest? Do they like to knit gifts that are simpler or more complicated? What are all the factors at play in this decision-making process?

Because of this curiosity, I’m always eager to see which projects from the annual Knits Gifts issue resonate with people. I took a peek at Ravelry to find out what are the top projects from the latest issue according to favorites—check out the list below! If you don’t see your favorite project, hop on over to Ravelry and get to hearting! And be sure to share with us on Facebook or Instagram which projects from Interweave Knits Gifts 2018 you’re knitting for others this year.

The Woodland Hap Shawl is knitted in Willow & Lark Woodland in the Battle Ship, Spiced Plum, Thistle Bud, and Honeycomb colorways.

5. Coming in HOT at #5, we have the Woodland Hap Shawl designed by Rebecca Blair. Some might say that the word “shawl” is unnecessary in this case, as a hap is a type of shawl—and a very big one. This particular hap is a giant rectangle with a striped feather and fan stitch along the edges, and is as cozy as it is lightweight.

4. Four cute critters make an appearance in this issue of Gifts, all designed by costume creator and knitwear designer Brenda K.B. Anderson. The favorite seems to be this cute little guy—Liam the Llama! He’s knit in a llama-wool blend yarn for llama realness, and his little colorwork hat is made separately in an alternate yarn. Little guy looks like he could use a nap!

3. Meghan Jones’s Homestead Wrap is practically a blanket, covered in cables, and knits up quickly in the tweedy, Aran-weight yarn. It’s a nice size for wrapping up one person, and also big enough for two people to get cozy underneath together.

2. The triangular Geo-Snow Shawl by Anne Jones is gorgeously geometric and symmetrical. It’s worked top down from the center, and the geometric lace panels are lined with a garter-stitch edge. This shawl is a forever-everyday-wear kind of piece. (Yes, that’s a term I just made up, but I think it’s pretty clear what I mean.)

1. The project currently in the top spot in Interweave Knits Gifts 2018 is . . . the Garnet Wrap by Cheryl Toy! (Y’all like shawls and wraps a lot, eh? Noted!) This huge wrap is also about as big as a blanket, and the tweedy yarn has pretty blue flecks that bounce off the rich red colorway. The cable that runs down one side of the wrap was inspired by a Celtic braid. The bulk of the wrap is knit in stockinette stitch.

What are you knitting for people this winter and holiday season? How do you choose what to make? Let us know in the comments and on social media!

Happy gift-knitting,

(Photos by Harper Point Photography)

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