Your Knits from Knitscene: Linum Tee

I love launching previews of Knitscene issues. Hearing feedback on projects and ideas we've been working on for months is such a release—especially when it's positive feedback, such as what we've been hearing about Knitscene Fall.

But even more than just hearing what you have to say, I love seeing your finished projects. I admit—I stalk issues of Knitscene on Ravelry and via Twitter and the general blogosphere to see what people are knitting. And I've decided I want to share some of the finished knits from various issues, to help spread the word about the wonderful knitting our readers are churning out. First up, Bristol Ivy's Linum Tee from Knitscene Summer!

Bristol worked a simplified Fisherman's Rib into a slightly asymmetrical pattern at the top of this pullover. The sample was knit in Quince & Co's Sparrow, a 100% linen yarn with beautiful drape. The result is a simple, stunning Summer tee that quickly became a favorite on Ravelry.

I've collected a handful of finished projects to show for this post. I love the colors chosen for these projects, and the way you can see how this behaves in a yarn that's not 100% linen, or is slightly variegated. Click through to visit the knitters' Ravelry pages for more information.

Beth's Linum Tee jessa22's Linum Tee Bethany's Linum Tee
Joelle's Linum Tee Beth's Linum Tee Emma's Linum Tee
Regina's Linum Tee

Looking to knit your own Linum Tee? Bristol recently recorded two tutorials on working the stitches needed for Linum and posted them on her blog. Click play on the video below to see how she works a knit-1-below into a stitch that was decreased on a previous row, and go to her blog to learn more about laddering down stitches if you discovered you made a mistake a few rows down.

Have you knit a project from a recent issue of Knitscene? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter (@AmyPalmerKnits). And we'll be back next week for an in-depth preview of Knitscene Fall, so let me know if there's a project or two in that issue you are anxious to knit!

Happy knitting,

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