Your Feet, Your Socks

A note from Kathleen: A new issue of Sockupied is here. Yippee! There are new sock knitting patterns, yarn reviews, and lots of new techniques to try. Here's Sockupied Editor Anne Merrow to tell you more:

Find 10+ ways to make your socks fit
Wrap a new way with 3 short-row techniques

Have It Your Way!

Since the first issue of Sockupied, we've tried to teach sock knitters to show their socks who's boss. (Gently and lovingly, of course.)

Here are 5 ways we show you how to take socks into your hands in the new Spring 2013 issue of Sockupied:

1. Learn how to knit socks that fit. Based on a survey of over 400 feet, Kate Atherley has learned where most fit problems raise their ugly heads-or, worse, uncomfortable wrinkles. Whether your feet are wider, insteps are higher, or calves are curvier than average, Kate's suggestions show you just where to adjust a pattern for comfy handknitted socks.

2. Try a new short-row technique until you find your favorite. If you're not a fan of the old wrap-and-turn, you may fall in love with short-row heels anyway. Whether you like the German double stitch, shadow wrap, or backward yarnover method, you can make heels that look perfect, fit perfectly, and are a snap to knit.

Choose colorful or plain yarn
for the Totem socks.

3. Use any yarn you like. If you think your favorite super-colorful yarn is too variegated to work in anything but a plain vanilla sock, then try the Totem Socks by Jennifer Crowley. With slipped stitches and a texture resembling a horizontal braid, the pattern breaks up pooling in even the most determined yarn—and it also looks fantastic in plain yarn, where the textured stitches really pop. And if you thought alpaca wasn't for socks, think again—we discovered 5 alpaca sock yarns, some squishy and some tough.

4. Try a high-tech tool. Whether you want to create your own charts, find the right stitch count, learn a lesson from a terrific teacher, or sample a pattern from the other side of the world, the apps and eBooks out now will make your socks just right. Check out the 6 digital products we cover this issue.

5. Take a page from Alice Yu's book. Alice Yu not only designs socks just the way she wants them—she also imports, sells, and even creates the yarn she wants to knit them in. Not satisfied with the short-row options she saw, she developed the Shadow Wraps technique instead. Read about Alice's adventures, knit her Deuce sock pattern, and be inspired to try new things in your socks too.

With Sockupied Spring 2013, you can go new places with your socks. Download it now!

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