Taking the Fear out of Yarn Substitution

Some of us are more comfortable with yarn substitution than others. On one hand, there are knitters who can look at a design and imagine it in a different color, gauge, and yarn, then knit something that looks great. On the other hand, I know some knitters who won’t knit a design if they don’t like the color shown in the picture.

I’m somewhere in the middle: I’m fearless about selecting a new colorway, but tentative about yarn substitution for sweaters. When I can’t easily find (or afford) a particular yarn, the project may get pushed down to the bottom of my queue, no matter how much I love the design.

A Yarn Substitution Case Study

When I first saw the Angelina Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto in Interweave Knits Fall 2017, I loved the cabled yoke and the shirttail hem. It was one of my favorites in the issue—and now I’m excited to see it in a different yarn.

Interweave and Louet North America have teamed up to offer the Angelina Pullover: Take Two, a new way of looking at a favorite design. We worked the pullover in an eye-catching candy apple red for a pop of color, and we took the guesswork out of yarn substitution by reimagining it in Louet Gems 100% Merino worsted weight. Same design, new yarn.

Make It Your Way

To make it even easier, Interweave has created a build-your-own bundle program for the Angelina Pullover: Take Two. You can order the number of skeins you need to make the sweater in your own size, follow the Angelina Pullover pattern, and know how great your finished sweater will look. And if you don’t like the red? The Take Two bundle is available in 9 colorways, so just about anyone can find a favorite.

Pictured here are four of the multiple choices Interweave has to offer in Louet Gems 100% Merino. Top Left: Olive | Top Right: Marine Blue | Bottom Left: Medium Gray |  Bottom Right: Milk Chocolate

If you like, you can even add the Kollage Square knitting needles to your bundle to have everything you need to make the sweater. A lot of knitters find the square shape easier on their hands—especially important for a big project such as a sweater.

Louet Gems 100% Merino is machine wash and dry, so if I wear this as often as I plan to, I can toss it in the laundry whenever I need to (which is often). It’s a sweater I can knit and wear without fear.


Knit the Angelina Pullover in a whole new way!


  1. Anonymous at 8:45 am August 15, 2018

    I love the Candy Apple color, but it is not available. I am sure both yarns are lovely, but I wonder if the original yarn is a little more interesting because of the blend of fibers, including a little mohair? I notice that the shirt worn under the sweater here peeks through the yoke a little. Is it OK to wear the sweater without a shirt underneath? I would probably wear a camisole or something underneath, but I am not all that fond of the blouse/shirt under sweater with the collar peekoing out look. Very tempted by some version of this beautiful design!

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