Yarn: My First Love

Gorgeous candy pinks and purples showcased in yarn from Be Sweet.

Yummy yarn from Be Sweet. Gorgeous!

I remember when I was about seven, and my mom took me along to the knitting store. I wandered around, looking at the baskets full of yarn, feeling the skeins, and taking in all of the color. Looking back, I think this was when I first fell in love with yarn.

Although I didn’t start knitting until adulthood, I’ve never forgotten that afternoon in the yarn shop. I was a cross-stitcher for years, and I think working with the gorgeous colors of cotton floss quenched my thirst for fiber. When I picked up those knitting needles for the first time, though, I was instantly smitten with knittin’!

I started going to yarn stores on my own, fondling the skeins of gorgeous fiber, exploring color choices, and learning about the properties of yarn. Most of this was trial by error; I have a few accessories and garments in which the yarn and patterns aren’t friends, but I didn’t realize that until the work was done or nearly done.

Since I’m a process knitter and not always focused on the finished product (I enjoy the journey so much!), I wasn’t totally bummed about the finished objects. I reused the yarn in more appropriate patterns, and for my “finished objects,” I had the fiber knowledge that I’d learned from my mistakes.

Just because I made these mistakes, though, doesn’t mean you have to! Jennifer Raymond is teaching a course, All About Yarns, that goes through the properties of different fibers, and how to recognize different types of yarn, and which ones are perfect for certain purposes.

All About Yarn: Learn the ins and outs of your favorite knitting tool!

If you’ve ever wondered why your yarn substitution didn’t work the way you wanted it to or had difficulty determining what yarns will be the warmest, wear the longest, or be a good fit for your project, this class is for you!

labeled-cable-backgroundJennifer will break down what makes yarn behave in different ways and help you discover what plies are and how they can change the strength and stitch definition of a garment. She’ll discuss different weights and teach you different ways of determining an unknown yarn’s size, as well as what needles or hooks are needed. And she’ll delve into the world of fibers, breaking down cellulose and protein fibers and how different fibers are suited to different purposes. Along the way, you can quiz Jennifer about your own projects and plans and she’ll help you put your new-found knowledge to good use!

My fiber knowledge frequently helps me in my knitting. In fact, it guides me every time I cast on a new project—I’m confident that my choice will work out well with the pattern because I know the properties of different fibers and how they work. This doesn’t mean that I won’t stop learning, though. With every skein I buy and work with, I discover more about working with a certain blend, brand, twist, and so on.

I’m still in a relationship with my first love, and I’m confident that we will be together until death do us part. Cement your relationship with fiber and take Jennifer’s three-week course, All About Yarns!








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