Yarn Management: Making the Most of Your Yarn

Yarn Management: Make the best of your yarn with this helpful videoYarn. We love it so, so much! We want to hug it and squeeze it and take it home with us (and then turn it into beautiful things!). But—you knew there was one coming, didn’t you?—there are some challenges that come with yarn, including understanding the type of yarn you have, how to take care of it, how much you need for certain projects, and general yarn management issues.

Nancy Shroyer, of Nancy’s Knit Knacks, has created a comprehensive video tutorial, The Interweave Guide to Managing, Measuring and Making the Most of Your Yarn, to help us with the following questions and much more:

  • Do I have enough yarn to finish my project?
  • What’s a nostepinne and how do I use it?
  • Why can’t I knit or crochet directly from the skein?
  • How do I use a ball winder and swift?
  • What is a “put-up”?
  • If I don’t have a label, how do I figure out what weight of yarn I have?

With this fun and informative video, you’ll never feel lost again when trying to determine how much yarn to buy, how to prevent your yarn from being tangled, or how to calculate the area of your swatch. You’ll have everything you need to become a yarn management and measurement expert!

You’ll also get lots of tips and tricks and DIY stuff, like how to use a pill bottle to make a center-pull yarn ball. Cool!

Yarn Management Made Easy: The Yarn Pet

Yarn management is made easy with The Yarn PetNancy demonstrates a great tool, the Yarn Pet. It holds your yarn in place and prevents adding or removing twist to the yarn. It also holds your yarn in place so it doesn’t roll all over the place, prevents adding or removing twist to the yarn, which can be a problem with some types of yarn, such as chenille.

This compact tool is just 4″ by 6″ and is made of hardwood and steel. It also includes an integrated adjustable tensioner and yarn guide to help with your yarn management. Just drop your ball on the rod, thread the tail through the yarn guide, and start knitting!

Interweave’s Essential Yarn Gear on the Go Kit

Check out the essential yarn guide for managing your yarnTo complete our yarn-management suite, we’ve put together a kit to help you be a smart shopper at yarn shops, fiber festivals, and even while raiding your own stash.

In our Yarn Gear on the Go kit, you’ll get two useful tools: The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements, and Nancy’s Knit Knacks WPI Tool + Reference Card. Use the WPI tool to figure out the weight of any yarn. Then, use the guide to determine if you have enough yarn for your project. Never run out of yarn again with this essential set!

We want you to make the most out of your yarn, and these items will be a great addition to your knitter’s toolbox!



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