Yarn Leftovers: Wrap Necklace

Sometimes you want a bright, bold necklace to liven up your outfit. Use leftover yarn from your knit or crochet projects to make this statement necklace. Don’t throw that leftover yarn away! Repurpose it into something else you will wear. Read on to learn how to make this fun yarn necklace for you or a stylish friend.
yarn necklace

What You Will Need

-Some thick hemp (to wrap yarn around)

-Lots of colorful scrap yarn

-Black or neutral colored yarn

-Needle and thread

-Necklace findings (so you can open and close your necklace)


1.     Cut 10-15 pieces of hemp, each about 30 inches long.

2.     Knot your first color of yarn around the piece of hemp and start wrapping.

3.     When you are ready to switch colors of yarn, be sure to wrap the end of the old color along the inside of the new color so the end is hidden and it won’t unravel.

4.     When you reach the end of a piece of hemp, be sure to knot the leftover yarn to secure.

5.     When all 10-15 pieces of hemp have been wrapped with yarn, take your needle and thread and sew them together at the ends.

6.     Take your black or neutral colored yarn and wrap the ends of the necklace to cover where you have sewn all the pieces of wrapped hemp together.

7.     Use needle and thread to sew the black or neutral yarn to the ends to make sure it doesn’t unravel.

8.     Use your needle and thread to sew the necklace findings to each end of the necklace.
yarn necklace

Tips and Suggestions

1.     Wrap the yarn tightly and very close together for a solid color look or let some hemp show through for a more natural look.

2.     If any ends seem like they might fall apart, use your needle and thread to secure them.

3.     Twist or braid the color-wrapped pieces of hemp for an alternative look before sewing the pieces together on the opposite end.

4.     Find a large necklace fastening that will work with a very large necklace. Try to avoid anything meant for delicate jewelry.

This is a great project for using up leftover yarn! Mix and match colors and play with how long you stripe each section to suit your own design tastes. While wrapping the yarn does take patience, it is a great mindless activity to do while chatting with friends or watching a great movie.

Happy yarn wrapping!

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet

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