Yarn Leftovers: Swatchwork, Part 2

Welcome back to Yarn Leftovers—the place where I get to pretend I’m a super crafty individual and hopefully help other knitters use up their swatches and yarn remnants.


While I was knitting a swatch for the upcoming Interweave Knits Summer 2017 (releasing in early May), a question popped into my mind. What can I do with my swatch after I check the gauge and photograph it to make it useful?

And the idea came: work up an incredibly easy notions pouch! If you already have two swatches finished, this project will take less than 30 minutes.

What You Will Need

• 2 swatches roughly the same size, OR enough yarn to knit two swatches
• Matching or contrasting yarn for sewing the bag together and for a drawstring
• Tapestry needle
• Scissors


1. If you’re working with premade swatches, go to step 2. If not, knit 2 swatches of roughly the same size.

2. Block your swatches if they’re not already blocked.

3. Using matching or contrasting yarn, sew 3 sides of the swatches together. Put the least-stretchy sides of each swatch at the bottom for stability. Use any seaming method you like to create the look you want—seams can go on the inside of the bag or the outside, with visible contrast stitching or not.

Hint: I would suggest using the cast-off (or least stretchy) sides as the bottom.

For a drawstring, cut 3 lengths of yarn about twice the width of the bag’s opening, plus a few inches. Tie them together on one end with an overhand knot. Thread the opposite ends through a tapestry needle. Weave the threaded needle through stitches at the bag’s opening, all the way around.


Remove the needle and make another overhand knot in the 3 strands of yarn.

Variation: If you would like to turn this into a small bag for a kid, use slightly longer yarn and tie the ends together to make a loop so they can hold the bag with their wrist.

My sample uses Autumn Wind Confetti #3 from Trendsetter Yarns. The measuring tape and scissors are from CARGO Inc. and the stitch markers are from Tulip.

As always, if you make this bag please let us know! Show us on Instagram @InterweaveCrafts. Check out other Yarn Leftovers at these links!

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Have fun and good luck!

– Sarah
Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits

So Many Swatches, So Little Time

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