Yarn Leftovers: Swatchwork, Part 1

Do you have a bunch of swatches lying around your house? Does the thought of unraveling them to reuse the yarn leave you exhausted? Wish there was a list of things you could make to repurpose your lovingly knit swatches? Well, Yarn Leftovers from Interweave has you covered! Below you will find a list of ideas that are quick to make and will decorate your home DIY-style.



Yarn recommendations: Wool can absorb a lot of water without feeling too wet, but any yarn can be used here.

What you will need:

–       1 or more swatches (it is best if they are at least 4 in x 4 in)

–       drink-filled glasses or mugs to place on your swatches

–       a table

Suggestion: Fill some mugs with this delicious Nutella Hot Chocolate.



–       4 cups milk

–       2 Tbsp Nutella

–       2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

–       2 Tbps sugar

–       marshmallows

–       splash of Baileys Irish Cream (optional)

For directions visit Café Delites.





Make this swatch by Lorna Miser from Love of Knitting Winter 2016.

Yarn recommendations: Unmercerized cotton is best because it will hold the water and soap and is strong enough to stand up to light scrubbing.

What you will need:

–       1 or more swatches (it is best if they are at least 6 in x 6 in)

Suggestion: Make homemade soap to use with your washcloth.



–       2/3 cup coconut oil
–       2/3 cup olive oil
–       2/3 cup liquid oil (like almond oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil or safflower oil)
–       ¼ cup lye (also called sodium hydroxide)
–       ¾ cup cool water
–       Additives: herbs or essential oils

For directions visit DIY Natural.


Hot Pad


Yarn recommendations: Wool or cotton are the best options. DO NOT use acrylic or nylon as they could melt.

What you will need:

–       1 or more swatches



Suggestion: Make a batch of Mulled Wine to set on your hot pad.


–       4 cups apple cider
–       1 bottle of red wine, like Cabernet Sauvignon
–       ¼ cup honey
–       2 cinnamon sticks
–       1 orange, zested and juiced
–       4 whole cloves
–       3 star anise
–       4 oranges, peeled (for garnish)

For directions visit Ina Garten’s Mulled Wine recipe.

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Happy crafting,

—Sarah and Sara

What Do You Do With Your Leftovers?


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