Yarn Leftovers: Make a Swatch Bowl

Your crafting inspiration-driver is back! I have come up with yet another idea for all those swatches sitting around the house—make bowls! You can make a new swatch or use one that’s lying around. This process works with both knit and crocheted swatches! And it is a great kid-friendly activity (it’s non-toxic and easy to wash off of hands).

What you will need:

·      Swatch

·      Mod Podge

·      Bowl  for holding the Mod Podge (you may want to use a paper or disposable bowl but it will wash off a regular bowl)

·      Soap

·      Cups or jars for molds

·      String or rubber band

·      Plastic wrap


1.     Choose a swatch from your collection or make a new one. Note: the size of mold will determine how large your swatch needs to be (long enough to wrap a rubber band around the sides).

2.     Pour some Mod Podge into a bowl and saturate the swatch in it.

3.     Cover the outside of the mold (jar or cup) with liquid soap, and then add plastic wrap. Cover where your swatch will be.

4.     Place the swatch over the mold. You can use the top or bottom.

5.     Cover the swatch and mold with plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band or string.

6.     Let everything dry for 48 hours, or until the swatch is still a little damp but firm enough to maintain its shape on its own.

7.     Remove the rubber band or string and all plastic wrap, then separate the swatch from the mold. If it’s not dry enough to maintain its shape without the mold, put it back on the mold and check on it in 6-hour increments. If you wait too long, the plastic wrap becomes very hard to remove!

8.     Leave the swatch bowl alone until fully dry.

9.     To finish, either leave the edges as they are or cut the points off to make a more classic bowl shape (as I have done with the gray bowl)

Depending on the size of your swatch, you can make a notions bowl, a catch-all for your keys, or even planter covers to upscale your plants! If you make a swatch bowl, please show us on Instagram @InterweaveCraft! And if you have any projects you’ve made with leftover yarn or swatches, please feel free to share!

Happy making,

Sarah Rothberg
Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits

Make a Swatch, Make a Bowl!

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