Yarn Leftovers: Holiday Hacks

Need some quick DIY-decorations for the holiday party you just decided to throw? Looking for new family-friendly activities over the holidays? Have a collection of yarn leftovers that your thrifty soul can’t bear to toss out? The Interweave team can help with all these problems. This week, we have three easy DIY holiday decorations—all made from leftover yarn—that can start some new traditions!

Wrap Hats

What you’ll need:
– empty toilet paper roll
– 1–3 different colors of yarn
– scissors
– glue

1. Cut a ring off the toilet paper roll, about a ½ inch wide, to form the hat’s brim.
2. Wrap the brim with yarn, adding small bits of glue to the outside of the ring to keep the yarn in place.
3. Wind a ball of yarn big enough to fit inside the brim.
4. Glue the brim to the ball so that the brim rests flat with the ball sticking up to form the hat.
5. (optional) Add a pom-pom. Click here for an easy pom-pom making tutorial! TIP: I made pom-poms using my index and middle finger instead of toilet paper rolls to make a smaller pom-pom.
6. Add string (or more leftover yarn) to hang up the hats, or set them on a dining table as placecard holders!

Wrapped Ornaments

leftovers for the holidays
What you’ll need:
– ornament blanks (preferably shatterproof plastic)
– scissors
– glue

1. Anchor the end of your yarn with glue. Start wrapping yarn randomly around the ball, adding glue dots as needed. Continue until the ornament blank is covered.
2. Get creative by braiding the yarn before wrapping it. Or glue glitter, rhinestones, or buttons, onto the wrapped ornament!

Extra-Special Giftwraps

holiday leftovers
What you’ll need:
-gift to wrap
-wrapping paper
-leftover yarn
– a bit of holiday decoration (piece of tree, holly berries, snowflakes, etc.)

1. Wrap the gift in wrapping paper.
2. Tape your holiday decoration to the top of the wrapped box.
3. Wrap yarn around the box and holiday decoration a few times to hide the tape.
4. Tie yarn in a bow.

We hope you enjoy these DIY holiday projects, and we would love to see your creations! Tag us on Instagram @InterweaveCraft!

Happy Holidays from Sarah and Sara!