Yarn Intern shows her style

If you haven't noticed, there is a new generation of textile crafters coming up. We certainly see it at Interweave: a growing group of young people that are intrinsically curious about the handmade life.

I think we have an interesting paradox to ponder. In our technology driven, fast paced, immediate gratification world, there is still an appreciation and pursuit of the good old fashioned fiber arts. Many in this new wonderful wave of 20-something-year olds get it that vintage is cool. "Let's bring it forward and make it our own" is a common thought. They know that handmade is of great value!
I don't know about you, but this warms my heart!

In todays "Folks at Interweave" blog, I would like to introduce you to Miss Amanda Williams.
She exemplifies the smart, creative new generation and is our Yarn Group intern!


Perusing the latest Interweave Knits Weekend issue

Cataloging yummy yarn

I asked her some questions so you could get to know her:

How did you find out about the Interweave internship? At a career fair for the University of Colorado School of Journalism. Interweave had a table piled up high with craft magazines. I took home a whole stack of them. Soon after, I filled out an online application and was lucky enough to get an interview.

Why Interweave? It's a perfect fit for me…I've always been interested in magazines and publishing, and I've been a craft addict since I was a little girl. 

I think that Interweave does a great job of balancing traditional media with a great online presence, something that's so important to the future of publishing. It's especially interesting to see how you can build an online community around such traditional crafts. Watching how Interweave works with online forums, e-books, and so on while maintaining their paper publications is a good learning experience for me.

What is your college background? I have a double major in History and English Literature from the University of Colorado as well as a Certificate in Advertising. I had the opportunity to spend an amazing semester abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Originating from Oklahoma, I'm a Midwestern girl at heart so traveling abroad carried me outside of my comfort zone. It was a wonderful experience. During school, I worked at a boutique and as a DJ at the University of Colorado's college radio station. If you like independent music, Radio 1190 in Boulder is the best station!

What are your career goals? Right now I'm enjoying learning as much as possible at Interweave. Honestly, there's something I'm curious about in every department. In the future I'd be happy anywhere that I could combine writing and crafting.

What kinds of tasks have been given to you as Yarn Group Intern? Has anything surprised you? The intern sort of does anything and everything. I've catalogued yarn, archived back issues, organized knitting supplies, tagged projects, blocked swatches, and helped with photo shoots.

I feel like I'm slowly putting the pieces together! I was surprised to hear that I'm headed to a llama farm in August for a photo shoot! I can't wait!

What excites you about Interweave now that you've been here a little while? It's definitely a huge relief to know that there's a company where people enjoy their jobs! It's also inspiring to work with so many talented women. Of course, finding that rare place where you can get paid to work with crafty people and beautiful materials is lovely. But the passion people have for what they do here also makes a huge difference. Everyone here is very helpful; there's a real sense of teamwork.

My mom Jill and I on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland during my study abroad

What else would you like to try at Interweave? I want to know how the magazines are put together, start to finish. I'm thinking there's so much to learn! I love several of the books Interweave has published: learning more about the book division would be great. I'd like to write more. I need to learn how to knit Fair Isle! There are too many exciting patterns floating around here for me to go on fearing stranded color work.

The special issue Interweave Knits Weekend 2011 is on newsstands June 28th-did you spend any time working on this issue? I started work here after most of the project editing and photo shoots had been completed, but I've helped a bit with the magazine's online features. Again, I think Interweave does a great job of giving people what they want online (like this blog!). All of the pattern details for Interweave Knits Weekend 2011 are online. I hope everyone likes the bonus photos that I chose.

What hobbies or other activities grab you?

I am interested in sewing, especially loving the vintage patterns.

I like to poke through thrift shops and flea markets. I recently picked up some very cool embroidery patterns. I enjoy seeing the modern resurrection of any traditional craft. A few of my favorites are knitted bikinis, embroidered pin-up girls and crocheted stockings. I also hunt for retro dishes and stoneware.

I love to cook, and I'll try anything once. I tried making my own cheese a few months ago and that was a complete failure. I'm a fan of Gourmet.

The Knitting Society in Edinburgh was fabulous. I think every college campus should have a Knitting Society! I don't know what it is about knitting (or crafting in general) that creates such a close community. It is where I found my best friends while in Scotland. Come to think of it, all of my friends cook or craft!

Having fun modeling a pink crochet hat that I made

Pretend you are writing your "BIO" (like the knitting designers do in Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet do). How would it read? Amanda Williams lives in Boulder, Colorado. After learning how to knit eight years ago, she now finishes every project. She loves brightly colored yarn, travel, and could not live without coffee or her library card.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our new intern. She's got style and smarts. Thank you for sharing, Amanda!

Our next Interweave staff introduction will be to Ms. Karin Strom, Editorial Director of the Yarn Group.


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