Yarn Hacks: Wind yarn with your beaters!

If you don’t have a swift and ball winder, never fear, Yarn Hacks are here!

Necessity is the mother of invention, and sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the knitting bag. The kitchen is our destination for this trick, a hand mixer, to be exact.

This ubiquitous kitchen tool is also a knitting tool! You can use it to wind skeins of yarn into tidy little balls of yarn. Here’s how:

Pretty cool, right? And the added hack of making a yarn box out of an old shoe box is great, too. I love these ideas for yarn management!

Here are some more yarn hacks for you:

Dental Floss Lifeline: Can’t find a good yarn to use as a lifeline? Dental floss will work just as well, and it holds up great, row after tow. If you’re new to lifelines (crucial in lace knitting!), you’ll learn how to use one, too.

Block Knitting with a Salad Spinner: That’s right, we’re back in the kitchen again. Learn how to block small knitting projects with your favorite salad “accessory!”

Make Cording with Your Hand Mixer: We can’t get enough of the knitting-kitchen tool crossover! This time, we’ll show you how to make twisted cord FAST by using your hand mixer.

We Love Sharing Yarn Hacks and Knitting Techniques

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