Interweave Yarn Hacks: Organize Knitting Patterns

It’s really nice to keep a record of what projects you’ve knit in the past. We do have Ravelry for an electronic version of that. But, some folks are analog-minded and use physical patterns, and there’s nothing like being able to go back and reference a swatch, particular yarn information, or a note you may have made directly on a pattern. For the simplest way to organize knitting patterns, look no further!

All you need is a basic three-ring binder and the plastic paper sleeves that you can put right into the binder. You might already have these things on hand at home. So, simply put a pattern in one of the plastic sleeves, either for future use or once you’ve finished using it. Inside the sleeve you can also fit the swatch you created for the project along with the yarn label. Filing the patterns in this way and all in the same place makes referencing and reusing patterns super easy.

How do you like to organize knitting patterns? Is there anything else you like to store right alongside them?

Happy Hacking!
Yarn Hacks Team

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