Interweave Yarn Hacks Fan Favorites

We had a secret competition in the Interweave yarn group: which Yarn Hack is best? First, we rolled out our own choices in Yarn Hacks. Still not satisfied, we turned to our fans to settle our ever-rising curiosity.
The results are in!

Check out the Top 3 Yarn Hacks according to YOU, the viewers.

#3: Avoid Knitting with Yarn Tail

This video touches on a couple ways to ensure you don’t start knitting with your yarn tail—undoubtedly something we have all accidentally done. Sometimes you have to keep a long tail for seaming at the end of the project, and here we show how to use a bread tie (or simply wrapping and tying the yarn) in order to keep the tail out of the way.

#2: How to Knit with Beads

This Yarn Hack is very useful for patterns that call for knitting with beads! You can load every single bead onto the yarn at the beginning of the project, pulling them up one-by-one as they are needed. Or you can load them with the “beadle” tools once you get to the stitch to be beaded, or with the fancy dental floss in the video. Some folks don’t mind doing the former, but many agree that the latter is much easier.

And last but not least, the winner is…

#1: Create Pom-Poms in Bulk

The viewers’ favorite Interweave Yarn Hack is this handy way of making lots of yarn pom-poms at one time. You need a chair with skinny legs, some sturdy thread (wool yarn will easily break when tying off the skein), and scissors. Tying the first end of the skein to one chair leg, wrap the entire skein of yarn around both legs, and then tie the second end of the skein onto the other leg. Using your sturdy thread, starting on the outsides, and working your way inward, tie off the yarn in equal sections. Cut the yarn off the chair. Finally, cut in between the ties to create the individual pom-poms and then use the scissors to give them shape. Fluff them up and there you have it: lots of pom-poms!

Thanks for engaging with and sharing our Interweave Yarn Hacks! We really enjoy creating them for you and reading your reactions and ideas for hacks you use. Keep it coming, and we’ll be back with some fresh Yarn Hacks starting next week!

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