Yarn Hacks: DIY Stitch Markers!

Sometimes you know just what you want in a knitting notion but you just can’t find it on the market. Enter this DIY Yarn Hack! Here you’ll learn how to make stitch markers that will be perfectly sized for every needle in your collection.

Using a medium gauge wire and a knitting needle (at least a half size larger than the needles you’ll ultimately be knitting with), wrap the wire around the needle several times. You should end up with a nice spring shape! Cut the spring into rings, cutting the wire as straightly as possible (so that the wire ends are at right angles to one another).

Dab some glue onto the center of a bead that just fits over the wire. Quickly squeeze the two ends of the wire into this bead, making sure that the ends are firmly secured within the bead. Repeat this process with your remaining rings and voila, stitch markers perfectly suited to your needles and projects!

This is a really fun idea for knitters and non-knitters alike. We received a ton of help with this from the Interweave Jewelry team, who supplied materials as well as tips. These markers can be personalized in so many ways and are really versatile, a perfect DIY project! Do you have any ideas for making your own stitch markers? Please share them!

Happy DIY-ing!
—The Yarn Hacks Team