Interweave Yarn Hacks: DIY Yarn Charm Necklace

Yarn is good for so much more than just knitting, crocheting, and weaving. There are endless possibilities for projects that require no knowledge of these (and other traditional) skills! We’ve shown you how you can make fun projects out of yarn pom-poms and how to bust through your stash with fun home decor projects. This time, we’re showing you how to make some wearable art with the DIY yarn charm necklace. It requires a minimal amount of yarn and no knitting, crochet, or weaving skills.

All you need is some yarn in a weight and color you like, a necklace chain, and scissors. Use a neglected necklace chain that’s been sitting around for a while, or get a new one at any craft store for about $3. To start, wrap the yarn around a few of your fingers, at a length you like (this will be the full length of the tassel). Keep going as you see fit, just keep in mind that the more yarn you wrap the more it may look like a pom-pom than a tassel. If that’s the look you’re going for, that works, too!

After you have the thickness you want, cut the yarn tail. About two-thirds or three-fourths from the top of the tassel, secure the tassel with several knots (check the knot technique in the video for a quick and effective style). Once you have that secured, you can thread the chain onto a tapestry needle and pull it through the top part of the tassel. Then, cut the bottom of the tassel so it becomes fully self-actualized. Lastly, you wear the necklace!

This fun project is a really quick, easy, and inexpensive way to wear your art! Consider making several tassels in different colors to add some pop to any outfit! What other yarny jewelry have you created?

Happy Hacking!
Yarn Hacks Team

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