Hack Your Stash with Yarn Hacks!

We have all experienced an overflowing yarn stash, often complete with many incomplete skeins that we don’t know what to do with. Donate them? Throw them away? Blasphemy! Don’t do it. There are a ton of ways to use a little bit of yarn to spruce up a number of items. Check out this Yarn Hack for just a few ideas of ways to hack your stash! The stash busting possibilities are endless.

Wrap a picture frame with your favorite color or colors of yarn. When you finish wrapping it the entire way around, cut the yarn to leave a short tail, tuck that into a few other pieces of wrapped yarn, and cut it close to the frame. If you feel the need to secure it with a hot glue gun, go nuts! Feel like it needs a bit more flair? Glue or tie a pom-pom on in a contrasting color! Finally, just pop in your photo and it’s ready to display.

Up next is mason jars. Mason jars are absolutely everywhere these days. They are used for canning, as mugs, for organizing, to hold candles, and even as part of wedding table centerpieces. Wrap different colors around a mason jar in a random, semi-sloppy way, or meticulously and carefully, for different looks. You can also take a giant used coffee can and some bulky-weight yarn, wrap up that business, tie off the yarn, and use it to house your knitting needles and notions.

Need some gift-wrapping ribbon in a pinch? Use your stash yarn to create a unique tie and bow on someone’s gift. Again, put a pom-pom on it to make it extra special!

One of my favorite uses for yarn as decor is to decorate a lampshade. This blue lamp shade came from Hannah’s bedroom and she really wants to spice it up. All you need to do is wrap the yarn a few times, with the lengths either close to together or more loosely placed. It just adds a nice splash of color and you can use as little or as much as you want!

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity rolling. Tell us—what are some other ways to decorate regular household objects with yarn to give them new life?

Happy Hacking!
Hannah and Louisa