Yarn Hack: Pom-Pom Snowman!

Will your house be filled with little ones this weekend? I’m picturing the scene in Home Alone when the McCallister’s home is filled to the brim with family running around and frantically getting ready for their trip to Paris. Whether or not your family is going on a big trip for the holidays, that might be the scene in your home. If you need something to do with the young ones, we’ve got something for you!

Check out our new Interweave Yarn Hack for creating a DIY snowperson out of pom-poms! It’s a great craft to get the kids into, and it makes for charming last-minute winter holiday décor. Plus, it’s super easy and super cute!

To start, you’ll need two white pom-poms, one being just a tad bigger than the other. If you’re not sure how to create awesome pom-poms, check out our Yarn Hack on how to make one at a time or check out how to make a bunch of poms at once with an entire skein of yarn (just trim one a little more than the other to get the different sizes). Once you have two pom-poms with tails, tie them together. Then, just embellish your snowperson with random items to make them nice and festive!

For Frank (our snowperson in the video), Lindsay used some ribbon to make a scarf, beads for the eyes and nose, a pipe cleaner fashioned into earmuffs, rhinestones for front buttons, and itty bitty sticks for arms! Use a hot glue gun and get creative when sourcing your snowperson accoutrements. Make a whole snowman family with different size pom-poms, too!

Now the kiddos have an activity, a fun and safe toy, and fun holiday decorations for the whole of winter! What’s your family’s favorite way to spend the time during the holidays?

Happy holiday DIYing!

Hannah, Louisa, and Lindsay
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