Yarn Hack: Make a Pom Pom

Everyone needs a hat with a big ‘ol pom pom on top! Our yarn hack demonstrates a quick way to make a pom pom with tools everyone has—toilet paper rolls!

You can also make a tassel using this method, just squish one of the tubes a little bit to make one side smaller. That’s the top of the tassel.

Check out our yarn hack: how to make pom poms with toilet tissue rolls!

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Here are some free hat patterns for you to download. Put a pom pom on them!

Free Hat Pattern eBook: We love knitted hats. They are small, portable projects, great for tucking into your bag and knitting on trains and buses. Knitted hat patterns are the perfect little knits for passing time in waiting rooms or stitching during meetings. Hats provide the opportunity to try new techniques, indulge in luxury yarns, they can be quickly knitted, and they make great gifts.

Have fun knitting hats with pom poms!







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