Yarn Hack: Aluminum Crochet Hook Bracelet

Check out this new Interweave Yarn Hack for how to bend a crochet hook into a bracelet. You might be thinking: Why would I want to bend a crochet hook into a bracelet? I can just buy a bracelet outright that looks pretty much the same. What’s the point? I am so glad you asked!

First, it’s pretty inexpensive. The crochet hook in this video only cost about three dollars, a veritable steal for cool jewelry! (And if you use an unused hook from your notions stash it’s basically free. Hello, up-cycling!) Secondly, and not so obviously, you can use the hook to fix mistakes in your knitting. Have you ever been somewhere with your WIP and dropped a stitch, only to have a freak-out moment digging through your stuff to find out you don’t have a hook with you to help? Wear this bracelet and you’ll never be let down, that crochet hook is right on-hand. Or, on-wrist, I should say! (Sorry, that was unnecessarily dad-jokey.)

How exactly do we make this happen? You only need a few things. The crochet hook should be aluminum for best results, as well as a pretty small size. The hook in this video is a size B, and you don’t want to go too much bigger than that. You’ll also need some soft cotton pads or something similar (a much-folded tissue will do in a pinch!). The only tool you need is a pair of rounded jewelry pliers.

To start, center the hook over your write to get an idea of where curves are needed. Next, wrap a pad around the hook to one side of the center, where you want the bend to begin. Do this movement slowly and a little bit at a time so the hook doesn’t crack. Repeat this on the opposite where the bend should be. Going back and forth, do just a little at a time until you get to the ends of the hook. Finally, make any adjustments needed to the shape so it’s even and fits the way you like. Put it on your wrist and you’re ready to go! Now you have a cute bracelet that shows off your crafter status and helps you out of a dropped stitch in a pinch.

What’s YOUR favorite yarn hack?

Hannah, Louisa, and Lindsay
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