Top 5 Things I’m Excited About: Yarn Fest Edition

This year will be my third year attending Interweave Yarn Fest, and I’m more excited than ever. Now that I have a few yarn fests under my belt, I know what to expect and look forward to. These are the top five things I’m excited to see and do during Yarn Fest this year!

1. Special Guest Elizabeth Johnston

The Shetland Islands have such an amazing history with respect to knitting. Colorful Fair Isle sweaters originated there, as did delicate Shetland lace. (Or not so delicate; a traditional Shetland lace pattern was the inspiration for the back of the Cotswolds Pullover I designed for knitscene Spring 2018. I’m looking forward to learning more from Elizabeth about their fascinating knitting traditions!

yarn fest

Fabulous knitwear, and it looks like this? I think Shetland is codeword for Heaven.

2. All the Knitwear

I love seeing everyone’s handmade projects! There are always so many spectacular handknits. Whether it’s amazing stranded sweaters, elaborate crocheted shawls, or spectacular handwoven garments, it’s a great source of creative inspiration. I always add a few more projects to my queue after seeing what other people have made and are wearing. Whether it’s watching the fashion show or just wandering around the lobby, it’s fun to check out patterns you may not have seen before and get new ideas for your own projects.

I have no idea who this is, but I want to meet them.

3. Classes

Last year, my grandparents downsized from their 1800s farmhouse to a townhome; as a result, I am the proud new owner of both a knitting machine and a rigid heddle loom. I have no idea how to use either one. Fortunately, there are classes at Yarn Fest for both of these tools! I’m hoping to get into Deb Robson’s breed study class too; I’ve had such a spinner crush on her ever since reading her book, The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook. I’m also considering Faina Goberstein’s brioche class. It looks like such an interesting but challenging technique; why not take advantage of the chance to learn from an expert?

4. Yarn and Fiber

The Marketplace is awesome, with yarn, fiber, and tools for whatever project you have in mind. I plan to stock up on self-striping sock yarn from White Birch Fiber Arts and sets of mini-skeins from Canon Hand Dyes. I’m also a fan of the heritage-breed wools from Aniroonz (which pair nicely with the breed study class). And I definitely need to get a new lotion bar from the Bar-Maids!

5. People

It’s such a novel experience to spend a weekend amongst your fibery people. No one is going to give you a strange look or make a snide comment about your knitting or crocheting. It’s considered perfectly normal to hang out in the lobby and spin on a drop spindle. We’re all on the same yarn-loving team here, and it’s magical when we can all come together to learn celebrate yarn and fiber.

We all look like this on the inside.

What are you looking forward to with the arrival of Interweave Yarn Fest 2018? Will we see you there?

Yours in yarn


Which Project Will You Be Shopping for at Yarn Fest?

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