Yarn Fest 2020 Super-Early Sneak Peek!

Dear fellow yarn and fiber lovers,

Mark your calendars for April 29–May 3, 2020: it’s Yarn Fest 2020, held in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. We are thrilled to announce that plans for the next Yarn Fest are moving ahead and Interweave is in the process of curating a fantastic list of workshops we think you’re going to really enjoy. We can’t give away too many details just yet, but we can give you a little taste of how this next Yarn Fest will differ from past years, while including the quality technique workshops you’ve come to expect from Interweave.

yarn fest 2020

At Yarn Fest 2020 you can expect to see knitting and crochet workshops for all interests and skill levels: colorwork, cables, foundation stitches, double knitting, and so much more. Some classes from previous years are running again, so if you missed something before, make sure to check back in case it’s on the schedule again this year.

Some new workshops we’ve never put on before build on the foundation skills of knitting and crochet to bring you into new territories. On the flip side, there are courses that require no knitting or crochet skills at all! Anticipate seeing adornments like jewelry and buttons, and some fun, surprising crafts that use yarn. If you are a knitter who wants to learn how to crochet, or vice versa, we’ll have you covered, as well!

yarn fest 2020

As always, we’ll have the usual staples at Yarn Fest as well—the yarn marketplace where you can buy all sorts of goodies, a special keynote speaker, and a fashion show where YOU get to show off your stitching skills and style!

Stay tuned—more sneak peaks are to come over the next months! We hope to see YOU at Yarn Fest 2020!

yarn fest 2020

The Interweave Team

P.S. A friendly reminder for any craft beer-lovers attending Yarn Fest who don’t live in the Northern Colorado area: here is our list of 10 great breweries to check out while you are visiting!

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