Wrong Side Out: Show Us Your Floats

Welcome to a new recurring column on Interweave.com! Every week, in Wrong Side Out, we will be looking at a project from, you guessed it, the wrong side. The private side. The…potentially messy side?


It is on the wrong side that you see a knitter’s care, their finishing skills, their craftsmanship. And since we never show the projects in our magazines inside out, it’s just plain cool to see what they look like from the wrong side.

To start us off, I’ve chosen the Elephant Vest from Interweave Knits Spring 2017. Stranded colorwork is amazing on the wrong side! Look at all those orderly floats. They really make their own pattern.

This pattern does require some long floats on the wrong side, which most knitters like to “tack” down to prevent snagging. Learn about tacking floats in this article.

Another interesting element to this vest is the steek. Along the neckline, you can see where the steek was cut and sewn down. These steeks were worked in vertical stripes, alternating the fore and background colors. When that steek was cut, folded back, and sewn down, it created a lovely striped facing on the wrong side. So neat and tidy!

Check back next time, when we’ll be looking at seams on the wrong side. And there is always the issue of TAILS to talk about, folks. I see you, with your knotted tails hanging all loose on the wrong side. I’m comin’ for ya.

If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right,


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