Wrap Up In Love: Shawl Knitting Patterns to Savor

This February, we’re celebrating the theme Wrapped in Love: Shawl Month to celebrate this perennial favorite of knitters. Even if the classic triangular and crescent shapes don’t do anything for you, the broad scope of styles and forms encompassed within the definition means that there’s bound to be a shawl knitting pattern out there that appeals to you! That’s what makes shawls so loveable. And most shawls take a significant investment of time and yarn, which makes knitting them an excellent act of love as well, for yourself, for a loved one, or for charity. To help celebrate shawl month, you can download six of Interweave’s most popular shawls in one collection.

If you’d like to knit a shawl but aren’t sure where to start or what your next project should be, take a look through these knitter favorites. Any one of them would fit beautifully into a modern wardrobe, and each one features a different intriguing technique for shaping, texture, or both. Several of them (but not all!) are a big commitment, but none of them are unduly challenging. Get ready—your queue is about to get larger by a shawl or two at least!

Aristida Shawl by Alexandra Beck

From knitscene Accessories 2012

Lace diamonds, peppered with beautiful clustered bobbles, and tasteful fringe combine with a subtle hand-dye in this all-time favorite pattern. With so many elements coming together, it’s impossible to be bored while knitting the Aristida Shawl. Plus, the geometric nature of the pattern makes it easy to see where you are in the chart.

Yarn Weight: Fingering

Size: 56” wide and 28” deep, excluding fringe

Edmonia Shawl by Anne Hanson

From Interweave Knits Fall 2016

The Edmonia Shawl is mix of simple-to-work eyelet and mesh motifs arranged in pattern blocks meant to emulate industrial construction materials. The off-kilter positioning of the motifs evokes the look of high-rise construction projects from a sidewalk level. Its large size and light fabric offer plenty of options for arranging the shawl in a variety of ways.

Yarn Weight: Light Fingering

Size: 84″ wide and 38″ deep

Potter’s Shawl by Jen Lucas

From Interweave Knits Spring 2015

The Potter’s Shawl begins with a small number of stitches and increases from the top down. At the bottom of the garter body, a perpendicular lace edging is worked along the live stitches. This shawl is mostly mindless knitting, with a little treat at the end to look forward to. If you haven’t worked a lace edging before, this is the perfect project to give it a try!

Yarn Weight: Fingering

Size: 56″ wide and 15″ deep

Grand Palais Shawl by Tanis Gray

From knitscene Fall 2011

A knitted-on lace edging finishes a garter-stitch triangle in this hugely bulky shawl. The Grand Palais Shawl works up quickly for its size and features simple stitches, making it a great project for a beginner to shawl knitting. There are so many ways to wear and style this shawl because it’s so long. You’ll have so much fun experimenting with incorporating it into your wardrobe.

Yarn Weight: Super Bulky

Size: 74″ wide and 25″ deep

Yorkville Wrap by Sachiko Burgin

From knitscene Winter 2015

Take everything you know about V-shaped shawls, make it bigger and bolder, and keep the knitting interesting with a simple lace repeat with this gorgeous project. The wings are knit separately and then joined modularly for a seamless knitting experience. The Yorkville Wrap would be the perfect everyday companion in a cold office building, and it’s well worth the time to knit it!

Yarn Weight: Aran

Size: 18½“ wide, 32” front length, and 26 ¾” back length

Blake Shawl by Laura Reinbach

From knitscene Fall 2017

The triangle shaping of this knitted shawl lets you enjoy multiple ways to wear it. Wrap it once, wrap it twice—the long length will even let you wrap it three times! You only need the most basic of stitches to knit the Blake Shawl, and while the fingering-weight yarn and seed stitch sections make this a slow project, you can knit it from memory once you have the pattern repeats figured out.

Yarn Weight: Fingering

Size: 83″ wide and 21″ deep

I have personally been in love with the Blake Shawl since it first graced the cover of knitscene, and just finished my own version! Have you started dreaming of your own spring shawl? Will it be one of these lovely options? You can get all six shawl knitting patterns together in the Interweave Favorite Shawl Collection. Wrap yourself (or someone special) in love with a handknit shawl!

Yours in Stitches,

Shawl Knitting Patterns and Techniques