5 Reasons You Need Wool Studio: The knit.wear Capsule Collection

By now you are probably familiar (or at least you should be) with Wool Studio. Consisting of multiple volumes, this capsule-collection series features simple yet refined patterns thoughtfully curated in that magical way that only knit.wear editor Meghan Babin can.

Wool Studio was Interweave’s first all-digital lookbook series, and although it has received more than enthusiastic responses, there are still some of us that just really love a great book. From this, Wool Studio: The knit.wear Capsule Collection was born.

In this hardcover book (that’s right, it’s hardcover!!), you’ll find a compilation of the first two volumes of the original lookbooks and within that some seriously gorgeous patterns. Needless to say, this is a knitting book must-have. And while we feel you never really need a reason to add to another book to your collection, here are our 5 top reasons you’ll want to check out Wool Studio.

1. There’s a knit for every season.

This lovely little title boasts over 20 patterns: classic cabled sweaters and scarves for the chillier months, lacy tops and tees for warmer days, and some perfect patterns for anything in between!

wool studio

2. It’s the perfect fit for a knitting bag.

Wool Studio is 8- by-8 inches, which makes it perfect for taking along for the ride. Did I mention that it’s hardcover? That means it will stand up to whatever journeys you take it on.

wool studio

3. These designs will stand the test of time.

With many a knitting fad coming and going these days, all of the patterns in Wool Studio were thoughtfully designed to have a timeless and refined simplicity. Rest assured, these patterns will not be passing fancies on your knitting queue.

wool studio

4. It’s luscious yarnspiration.

Every design element within the patterns of Wool Studio has a purpose: to enhance and showcase the yarn. Discover patterns paired with some of the best yarns including Skacel, Woolfolk, Malabrigo, June Cashmere, and more!

5. It’s just so gosh-darn pretty!

If you don’t immediately tuck your copy of Wool Studio into your project bag, rest assured, this book will grace any shelf or coffee table with its presence. This title is filled with stunning photography perfect for when you need some knitting eye candy.

wool studio

Discover these and countless other reasons to fall in love with Wool Studio for yourself!

Happy knitting!

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