Wonderful World of Sweater Hybrids

sweater hybrid

These delightful crocheted man-shorts are repurposed afghans, made by Kathleen Macfie for a fundraiser. Click on the photo to read the story.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the inventive and comical article of clothing called SWANTS. Swants are a mashup of sweater and pants and they run the gamut from simple knitted leggings to full-on sweaters-cut-and-sewn-into-pants. Related but obviously crocheted are these grorts (my own term)—shorts made out of granny-square afghans.

And now there’s a new sweater hybrid that I LOVE. The swoncho. A swoncho is a combo sweater-poncho, and it is elegant, easy to wear, and very forgiving of holiday waistlines. The Eastham Poncho, featured in the new knit.wear Wool Studio collection, is a lovely example of the swoncho.

sweater hybrid

The Eastham Poncho features a roomy upper body with little definition between sleeves and body, making it a hybrid of a knitted poncho and a sweater—a swoncho!


The Latest Sweater Hybrid

The Eastham Poncho is knitted from the top down and features an exaggerated attached sleeve that makes the garment more like a poncho with a waistband than a sweater with true sleeves.

The shoulders are shaped with short-rows for a neater fit, and the sleeve fabric is increased with raglan-style shaping. In a gorgeous mohair-merino-alpaca blend, this swoncho is drapey, elegant, and anything but sloppy. A latticework panel of crosses and yarnovers on the front has a medieval flair—it reminds me of a portcullis, giving some architectural oomph to this soft design. The pattern is sized by hip circumference, since the max circumference around the bust line is not all that useful for choosing a size.

sweater hybrid

Check out the schematic – see what I mean by “forgiving”?

For more of the Eastham Poncho and the 8 other lovely modern designs in knit.wear Wool Studio, take a look at the lookbook. Wool Studio is a new project from the editors of knit.wear magazine and it focuses on simple, elegant knitting that shows off special yarns.

You’ll find swonchos and ponchos in stores everywhere right now, and we’re seeing a lot of knitwear designers submit swoncho projects to the magazines.

What do you think of this knitting trend? And what other knit hybrids have you come across?

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