WIP Wednesday: Red Clay Top

It’s confession time. Even though I have been a knitter for more than a decade, I have never knit a garment. There have been a few excuses I’ve leaned on over the years, but it really comes down to the fact that I’m afraid of sleeves. So it’s no surprise that for my first foray into garment-knitting, I have chosen a sleeveless knitted top.

The Red Clay Top from knitscene Spring 2017 is simple, easy to mix into my wardrobe, and features a striking lace pattern that forms trendy chevrons. With no waist shaping to worry about, the rows are really flying by. And did I mention, there are no sleeves to fiddle with?

Although I truly love the Manos del Uruguay Fino that designer Joan Forgione used in her original, I personally don’t like to wear variegated yarn. I chose to substitute The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering in the Red Ginger colorway, a luxurious blend of baby alpaca, merino, and viscose bamboo. I’m perpetually cold, so I figured a little bit of fuzzy alpaca thrown in can only be a plus on a sleeveless top.

red clay top

I absolutely love how the Red Clay Top from knitscene Spring 2017 was styled. Maybe I can track down a fringed suede skirt.

A series of not-quite-right gauge swatches led me to drop down a needle size and work a size down in the pattern, since Canopy Fingering is just a little bulkier than Fino. From there, it’s been smooth sailing.

The lace pattern is an absolute delight once you have it memorized. After a few repeats, I was knitting on auto-pilot. I started this project while on an airplane and I became so addicted that I continued to knit by feel in the dark for almost an hour while on the shuttle back to my car. It’s that easy, folks.

Red Clay

My Red Clay Top is coming along well! The lace pattern is easy to memorize, but it really holds my attention. I still have to do the same thing again to make the front, though, so there’s plenty yet to do.

After just four days of knitting, I’m about half of the way done with the first of two identical halves. I can’t wait to see the lace come to life once I block my knitted fabric, and I’m even more excited for when the top is ready to wear. Then I’ll just need to find an awesome fringed suede skirt like the one modeled in knitscene (seriously, has anyone seen one?) and I’ll be all set for late spring and summer music festivals.

What was the first garment you ever knit? Did it have sleeves? Let me know in the comments!

Knit fearlessly,
—Andrea Lotz
Social Media Manager, Interweave Yarn & Fiber

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