WIP Wednesday: Meghan’s Bandelier Sock

Years ago, I designed a pair of socks for Interweave Knits—the Bandelier Socks. These colorwork socks used Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering in seven colors, and over time, some of those original colors were discontinued. So in 2016, IK editor Meghan Babin asked me to redo them in a new colorway, with current colors. So I did! Here are the original and the new socks.

colorwork socks

Meghan took a liking to the pair—which she ran in Interweave Knits Fall 2016—and cast on for her own set. That was sometime in 2016. And every time I go into her office now, I see that partial sock sitting there, sadly, taking up a 40” needle and waiting for its heel and toe.

A shelf in Meghan’s office.

I snuck into her office earlier today to see if it was still hanging around, and sure enough, there it was on her book/yarn shelf. And as I reached for the sad sock, I noticed something else on her shelf. In the top right corner of the first photo, you can see…eight-track tapes.


The Eagles and Frank Sinatra on eight-track. Weird, Meghan.

Anyway, so Meghan’s been knitting this sock forever—or rather, not knitting it—in the new colorway I designed, which is more vibrant than the original. I think she keeps it around as a passive message to me, her boss, saying: Yeah, your color sense is good, but this design belongs with the eight-track tapes…FORGOTTEN.

JK, guys. I know she likes the design. I also know that colorwork socks are a big bite of knitting to chew! Now that I’ve knitted this design twice, I don’t think I ever want to do it again, myself. But I managed to knit them in 6 weeks, so Meghan could at least manage a sock every 6 months.

But she’s the New Kid in Town and she’s too busy out gallivanting like a Desperado, living Life in the Fast Lane on photoshoots, and as the editor of a fabulous knitting magazine that she’s only making more fabulous, I’d say She’s Got the World on a String. So I won’t hold the sad sock against her.

Thanks for the earworms, Meghan.


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