WIP Wednesday: Augusta Cardigan

Designed by Kephren Pritchett

In the late fall of 2015, I found myself sifting through submissions for the twentieth anniversary issue of Interweave Knits. As the magazine’s brand-new editor, I felt the heavy responsibility of curating an exceptional issue of Knits that would honor the legacy of Interweave’s flagship knitting title. As I pored over the submissions, trying to find the right designs for each story, my vision of the issue suddenly became clear when a tiny dollhouse-sized version of the Augusta Cardigan came tumbling out of an envelope.

Hannah Baker, my assistant editor at the time and current knitscene editor, squealed in delight as she put on a finger puppet show with the little sweater. I knew right then that the Augusta Cardigan was the keystone piece of the collection. Its modern and modular construction, comfortably oversized cocoon shape, and stunning cable panel running up the back represent the best of a Knits design—traditional elements with modern appeal.

augusta cardigan

Of all the issues I’ve worked on so far, Interweave Knits Fall 2016 has the most designs I want to make for myself—in particular, the Augusta Cardigan. I took a spin through the issue’s Ravelry page to see if other people felt the same way and found that the Augusta Cardigan is the most cast-on original design from the issue.
augusta cardigan
And now I can add myself to that list because I finally cast on my Augusta Cardigan last weekend.

I’ve had seventeen skeins of Woolfolk Får in color 6 on my bookcase for a few months, and after finishing a few other projects (which I will blog about soon!), I knew the time had come to use this uber-soft yarn. So last Friday night I did all my knitting prep work: I knit a swatch, washed it, blocked it, and wound up several skeins. Then I sat down on Saturday morning, turned on Netflix, and before I knew it, it was Saturday evening: my stomach was rumbling, I had watched all of The Crown, and I had finished the entire back cable panel of my cardigan.

The combination of the cable knitting and the luxurious tactile sensation of Får kept me pinned to my couch for hours without remorse.

The following day (Sunday Funday!) was equally productive. I went to the gym and the grocery store and did laundry—all the “adult” things—and then I plopped myself back on the couch and picked up all the stitches for the left modular panel.

I brought the WIP to work the next day and knit through meetings, in my office, and anywhere else I could squeeze in a few rows. And all of the sudden, the miles of stockinette stitch were complete. I grafted the “armhole” and transferred the remaining stitches to DPNs; before I knew it, I had one cushy, ribbed sleeve.

I’ve just picked up the stitches for the right modular panel and am eyeballing the lump of knitting sitting next to me as I write this. Stay tuned for another Augusta Cardigan installment of WIP Wednesday; in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@meggospurls) for live updates on my progress.

If you want to jump on the Augusta Cardigan bandwagon, I have to say that Woolfolk Får makes this cardigan. It’s a luxury yarn, but both knitting and wearing a sweater made in special yarn is worth the extra dollars if you have a little cushion in your yarn budget. You’re worth it!

Treat yo self,

P.S. Go to the Woolfolk website and scroll to the bottom to find a stockist near you.

Gorgeous Cardigans from the Knits Anniversary Issue



  1. Brenda P at 6:02 pm March 8, 2017

    I am so proud of my friend, Kephren! She is a very talented young designer. Her patterns are extremely well written and easy to follow.
    Check out her Ravelry page to see more of her work.

  2. Andrea R at 7:38 pm March 8, 2017

    I agree, Brenda. Kephren has a wonderful eye for design. Enjoy!

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