WIP: Thames Path Knitted Socks by Lisa Jacobs

I can’t wait to have a pair of soft, functional, handknitted socks. The problem? That would be me. But I’m once again making steady progress after frogging and starting again on smaller needles.

Original Pattern Image of Thames Path Knitted Socks by Lisa Jacobs

The Thames Path Knitted Socks by Lisa Jacobs caught my eye the moment they came in, but it was at the Love of Knitting Fall 2017 photo shoot that I knew I must knit them. These socks include a band of ribbing around the instep to prevent bunching and the cable pattern on the cuff adds a bit of flair.

Image Credit: Steve Whiston – Fallen Log Photography | Getty Images

I can’t wait to break these out on my upcoming camping trip to Aspen, Colorado. Just Google search this area’s images and you will be amazed. Yeah, I don’t think anyone will be looking down at my socks either, but who can resist taking photos of your handmade babies with a backdrop like that?

Work in Progress shot of Thames Path Socks by Lisa Jacobs

Here is a photo of the progress I made before realizing the sock was a tad too loose. I’ve decided to tweak the length to make shorter socks. I will be working the cuff for 3.5 inches instead of 6.5. But I just won’t feel like I’ve made progress until the raveled yarn has been knitted once again.

This yarn is amazing—and a huge reason why reknitting doesn’t bother me. It’s so squishy and soft (perfect for a cozy sock) but it’s also incredibly durable. The yarn is a combination of superwash merino, nylon, and Outlast, an engineered fiber that continuously adapts to the body’s temperature so my feet won’t overheat. So these socks were built for walking from inception to the final product. Lorna’s Laces offers an amazing array of colorways for all of their yarns, so you are sure to find something you love.

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Sarah Rothberg
Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits

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