WIP – Code Name: The Speckled Short-row

Summer is the time for light and fluffy reads. One series I’ve recently enjoyed is Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate, a fun steampunk series set in Victorian England. The characters get involved with all manner of supernatural creatures and secret societies, and create code names for themselves. The main character, Alexia, is never seen without her weaponized parasol, so her code name is Ruffled Parasol. Her close friend Ivy is known for her dreadful taste in hats and is thus christened Puff Bonnet.

I’ve decided my code name is going to be The Speckled Short-row.


Of course, I’ll need a way to indicate my identity to my cohorts, and I think the Sideways Ripple Shawl will do the trick. I’ve chosen to make this shawl in Plymouth Estilo, a deliciously soft fingering-weight singles yarn made from a blend of superwash merino and silk. It’s an ideal blend for chasing after werewolves; they do tend to be a messy lot, but they also appreciate the finer things in life, so a washable yarn with luxurious silk fits the bill perfectly. It comes in both solid and speckled colorways. My shawl will be a steely grey yarn paired with a bronze and purple speckled yarn.

speckled yarn

The short-rows come into play with the swirling stripes, which are shaped using this technique. The rows are worked back and forth like a pendulum, working short-rows to create the shawl’s unique shape. There are many ways to work short-rows; while the pattern calls for the classic wrap-and-turn method, I plan to use my favorite method, Japanese short-rows. I feel it is better for hiding the wraps, and hiding is the name of the game when you’re tailing a vampire.

speckled yarn

Although I may not get to wear my shawl on a dirigible to Scotland, it will still be a fun accessory to knit while I work my way through another entertaining read. I definitely plan to wear it on my next armchair adventure!

What would your code name be?


Short-rows for All My Friends!


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