WIP: Laura’s Up Down Socks

I’ll admit it: plain, simple vanilla socks are my bread and butter. I love an intense, complicated lace shawl, and sweaters are so satisfying to both make and wear, but between these more impressive projects, I always have a basic sock on the needles. Why? Let me tell you, friend!socks_600x600

They’re portable.

Who wants to schlep around a blanket or a sweater? Socks are the ultimate in free-range projects. Throw some needles and yarn in your bag and you’re ready for whatever situation you find yourself in. You can knit them in the car! You can knit them in a bar! You can knit them here or there; you can knit them anywhere!

They’re mindless.

I can watch a movie, make sparkling conversation, or listen to people spout off random lists of numbers without worrying about losing my place. You can also stop at any point; no more yelling “Let me finish this row!” at the bus driver while she impatiently waits for you to get off already.

Sock yarn comes in some crazy awesome colors.

I mean, you can make nice sedate gray socks, but why? Rainbow socks are 20% cooler. Bright, fun colors are way more interesting. Make neon socks or show off your ankles in a saucy red wool.
Right now, I’m working on a pair of Up + Down Socks from Simply Sockupied. This fantastic pattern is written for both cuff-down and toe-up socks, so you can try out both methods or just use your favorite; I’m a cuff-down knitter myself. It’s great for self-striping yarns: if you use a contrasting yarn for the heel, it allows the stripes to continue uninterrupted from the leg through the instep.

The short-row heel was a new method for me. I usually work an afterthought heel, mostly out of habit and laziness. However, the short-row heel seems to fit my feet better. I’m looking forward to finishing these socks so I can show off their bright stripeyness!


Get sockupied!