WIP Wednesday: Slouchy Ribbed Hat

While working on Quick + Easy Knits last year, I immediately fell in love with the Slouchy Ribbed Hat by Shannon Cook. The loose silhouette and big pom-pom are super trendy, and I appreciate that the knitting is simple enough for a beginner like me. Plus, I love hats! So although I’m knee-deep in my sweater project, I decided to take a break and make this quick knit hat.

The Slouchy Ribbed Hat by Shannon Cook. So cute!

I started with a gauge swatch, since I’ve never made a hat before and wanted to make sure it would actually fit a human head. I cast on and began working in the k2, p2 rib that comprises the pattern, then quickly realized I had a problem: I hold my yarn in a weird way.

When I’m creating knit stitches, I hold the yarn in my left hand, but when I purl, I hold it in my right. I have no idea why I do this. It just feels more natural to me, I guess, and I seem to get tighter, better-looking purl stitches when the yarn is in my right hand. But clearly, switching the hand I hold my yarn in every two stitches was not going to work. So after trying it both ways in my swatch, I settled on holding the yarn in my left hand, since that felt more comfortable.

With that hurdle overcome, I carried on with my gauge swatch. And unlike the last time I knit a gauge swatch, this time I nailed the gauge on the first try. Success!

quick knit hat

The Slouchy Ribbed Hat after a couple of rounds.

Feeling confident, I cast on the 60 stitches need for my size and then looked up how to join in the round, because I’d never done that before and wanted to make sure I got it right. As I watched a tutorial on YouTube, I realized I had yet another problem: I was using the wrong size needle. The pattern calls for a 16-inch circular; I was using a 32-inch. Cue sad trombone noise. (Although really, I should have seen it coming—I don’t know how I expected to knit a hat on a 32-inch circular.) Apparently I hadn’t paid close attention to that part of the materials section, so I had to rip out my beautifully cast-on and joined stitches and start over.

The hat after a couple more rounds. It’s really starting to look like something now!

But now that I have the correct needles in hand, this hat is knitting up really well. I’m still feeling awkward purling with the yarn in my left hand, but it gets easier every round. I just have a few inches to go before I get to the crown, which is going to require some assistance from my coworkers, I think, because it calls for DPNs and I’ve never used those.

I’m really hoping to get this hat done in the next 2-3 weeks so I have plenty of opportunity to wear it this winter. I think I can do it—the first 4 inches only took me about 2 days, so the rest of it will hopefully go just as quickly. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Happy hat knitting,

Need more slouchy hats? We’ve got em!


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