WIP Wednesday: Medallion-Edged Shrug

A knitter in possession of a new dress must be in want of a cardigan. I began sewing a few months ago, after being inspired by the fabulous wardrobes of the amazing sewists on Instagram. My mom is a champion sewist, and I have some experience with a sewing machine, but I’m definitely still learning.

cardiganSo far, dresses are my favorite thing to sew. When I came across this fantastic sage green fabric with balls of yarn on it, I knew I had to make a dress with it; I’m not a cat lady myself, but I do love a knitting-themed outfit!

And sew (ha!) it began.

Being Our Lady of Perpetual Coldness, I need a cardigan to go with my future dress. After doing some searching, I decided on the Medallion-Edged Shrug from knit.wear Spring 2012. It’s a waist-length shrug, which is a more flattering look for me when paired with dresses.

Longer sweaters tend to look a little schlumpy on me; a neat, cropped cardigan is perfect for a cute, polished look. I also like that the laceweight yarn adds just enough warmth to keep the AC chills away but is still light and airy. The yarn I’m using here, Brown Sheep’s Legacy Lace in Deep Plum, is a lovely navy/purple that picks up the color of the yarn in the fabric print. The lace edging around the neckline adds a delicate, feminine look, and the medallions echo the shape of the balls of yarn. I can’t wait to finish up my shrug and get started on the dress!

I’m still deciding on a pattern for the dress, but I’m hoping to have it sewn up and ready to wear by Yarn Fest. Look for me in my lacy shrug and yarnie dress!

Happy Knitting,


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