WIP: Lindsay’s Nested Knots Hat

Make some tea, get cozy, and snuggle up for some last-minute holiday hat knitting. This week I’m knitting the Nested Knots Hat designed by Bonnie Sennott. It’s the perfect mix of elegant, sophisticated, easy, engaging, (and most importantly) quick to knit up. The pom-pom is optional, but highly recommended.

nestedknots2-600x600The pattern calls for one skein of aran weight yarn, but I’m using worsted on US Size 8, 16” circular needles. I’m staying consistent with my needle size and am knitting the largest pattern size to accommodate for the change in yarn weight. I can already tell this hat is going to fit well but will be stretchy enough to cover the ears. I used a long-tail cast-on but I might use a cable cast-on next time to minimize wasting excess tail yarn.

Sometimes when I’m trying to knit quickly (as one does during the holidays) I second guess myself and think I’m doing something wrong. I pull the chart closer and look one more time at the pattern’s Stitch Guide, muttering, “Is this twist stitch just a 1×1 cable? What makes this different?” or, “Is this where the bobble goes? Does that bobble look too loose or sloppy?” I was so fortunate to have one of our Project Editors, Laura, help me compare my work to the chart and the knitted sample.

When I had only a few rows of the twist/bobble pattern knitted, it was hard for me to see the big picture and feel confident that my stitches were correct. My advice when knitting this hat is to keep following the pattern and trust that it will work holiday hatout. Some stitches pull together more closely once subsequent rows are worked, and others settle in place to create a look that more resembles the picture. Just keep going!

Once you’ve made it through 13 rows of the chart, you’re home free. A couple increases, decreases, and straight stockinette are all that keep you from another great holiday gift. Don’t forget to do your hand stretches!

Happy knitting,


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